Upcoming Screenings – Halloween Edition!

While many of us discovered canuxploitation films through late night TV screenings and VHS rentals, there’s still something special about catching a locally produced B-movie classic in the theatre alongside other Canadian film fans. With the Halloween season well upon us, here’s just a selection of worthwhile classic Canadian horror screenings happening this week.

Monday October 24, 7pm
Innis Hall, University of Toronto
Free screening! Cinepix tapped French director Eddy Matalon for this Montreal-lensed rip-off of The Exorcist.

Wednesday October 26, 8:30pm
TIFF BELL Lightbox, Toronto
 The Toronto Film Reference Library presents Julian Roffman’s 1961 classic The Mask, in 3-D! Don’t miss this rare screening of the first Canadian horror film on its 50th anniversary! More info here.

RABID — 35mm
Wednesday October 26,  6:50pm
Bytowne Cinema, Ottawa
The Lost Dominion Screening Collective keeps the ball rolling on its second Canadian Cult Revue season as rabid Montrealers run wild, infected by Marilyn Chamber’s parasitic underarms. More info here.

SHIVERS — 35mm
Thursday October 27, 9pm
Revue Cinema, Toronto
Free screening! Fango editor-in-chief Chris Alexander unspools David Cronenberg’s nightmarish 1975 classic of body horror paranoia as part of his ongoing Film School Confidential series. Special guests are slated to appear. More info here.

Friday October 28, 8pm
Blue Sunshine Psychotronic Film Centre, Montreal
Blood-spattered prom suits and dresses highly encouraged– be crowned the king and queen of Blue Sunshine’s BLOODY PROM as you thrill to this bloody “dead teenager” Canadian slasher classic. More info here.

Monday October 31, 6:30pm
TIFF BELL Lightbox, Toronto
Director George Mihalka will be in attendance to discuss the MPAA’s attack of his gleefully gory East coast Canadian slasher flick and to present the film’s censored scenes. More info here.