The State of Canuxploitation

Now that Canuxploitation.com’s new redesign–our seventh(!)–is live and the new blog is up, I wanted to kick things off right with a look at the site’s long and not-so-sordid history. Only a handful of dedicated movie buffs were familiar with the site when it first appeared 12 long years ago and, as “canuxploitation” itself has since become a cultural notion apart from my usage, it seems like the perfect time to take stock of the evolution of the site and the idea since 1999.

Goin’ Up The Road

The word “canuxploitation” hit me out of the blue in 1999. Already a devoted fan of cult and offbeat films with a growing VHS collection, I was thinking one day about some of the Canadian B-movies I enjoyed–particularly THE MASK and CANNIBAL GIRLS–and how they were almost their own unique subgenre–like blaxploitation. And, just like that, the portmanteau formed in my mind. I thought it was kind of funny, but didn’t give it too much thought.

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Redesign Countdown: A Graphic History of Canuxploitation.com

Hey, don’t forget that we’re launching Canuxploitation.com’s brand new redesign on July 1, 2011! And really, what better way to enjoy a bright, sunny Canada Day than by locking yourself up in a dark room to read tiny text off a computer screen?

To help celebrate this exciting new phase of Canuxploitation’s development, I thought I’d gather some selected screenshots to consider how the design of our site has changed over the last decade.  Won’t you join me after the jump for much self-congratulatory commentary and a sneak preview of the new site?

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