CanFilm Five: Severin and Intervision DVD Czar Evan Husney

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

One of the faces behind beloved cult labels Severin Films and Intervision Picture Corporation, Evan has been helping to acquire and release many exciting cult and B-movie titles, including the recent DVD release of THINGS. An aficionado and champion of shot-on-video horror trash, outsider movies and other filmic weirdness, Evan serves up his list of five Canuxploitation rarities that you don’t want to miss. 

Evan HusneyEvan: Rather than compiling a list of my absolute favorite Canuxploitation films, which would be just an uninteresting assault of every early Cronenberg work and perhaps the mega-surreal 3-D nightmare THE MASK, I thought I’d spotlight some of Canada’s weirder offbeat curios, which really get to the heart of my recent fixation with forgotten cinema from the North.

After my first exposure to Canadian tax shelter films, I realized there was a whole world of great, virtually unseen English-language films where concept trumps commercial viability. And I hope you like the thrill of the hunt, because all the films presented in my list are unavailable on DVD.

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