CanFilm Five: Genre Poster Expert Tal Zimerman

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

Tal Zimerman is an actor, movie poster collector, and freelance journalist.  Tal runs the  Toronto Cult Paper poster shop and has written about horror posters for genre publications including FANGORIA and the October 2011 issue of RUE MORGUE magazine, where his latest article, “Poster Mondo”, appears.  Tal can currently be seen on Bite TV’s Comedy Bar Monday to Saturday nights.

For this CanFilm Five, Tal brings us his five most eye-catching international movie posters for classic Canuxplotation films.

1. TERROR TRAIN (1980) — Thailand
This is the typical Thai poster illustration approach; busy with activity and key scenes from the film, though presented in the unusual (but not unique) landscape format. One of the best works by artist Tongdee, an eminent name in the world of Thai film poster illustration.

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