CanFilm Five: B-Movie Critic Allan Mott

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

Allan Mott is the Edmonton-based writer responsible for such books as URBAN LEGENDS, GOTHIC GHOST STORIES and HAUNTING FIRESIDE STORIES. His least embarrassing literary achievement is his 2005 book, SCARY MOVIES, which documented the creation of six of his favourite horror movies—including David Cronenberg’s THE FLY. His reviews appear weekly on the B-movie blog FLICKATTACK.COM, and he attempts to update his own blog, THE HOUSE OF GLIB (now in its second—less content filled—incarnation), as often as inspiration allows.

For this CanFilm Five, Allan catalogues the five best (and worst!) performances by American actors caught slumming it in Canuxplotation cinema.  … Continue Reading