Revenge is Only the Beginning: A Q&A with Astron-6’s Adam Brooks

Based out of Winnipeg, Astron-6 is a five-man filmmaking collective that is about to enter the Canadian genre film fray with their debut feature, FATHER’S DAY. Unlike any Canadian film before it, this Troma-produced horror/exploitation/revenge epic is about a serial rapist named Chris Fuchman who sodomizes middle-aged dads in front of their children (yes, really!). It may be a wild premise, but it’s not too surprising if you’re already familiar with Astron-6’s boundary-shattering, self-funded shorts and fake trailers. Their past work, which includes Lazer Ghosts 2, Cool Guys and Goreblade, reveals a deep affinity for low-budget trash of the VHS era along with a willingness to skewer any remaining cinematic taboos.

Founded in 2007 by Adam Brooks and Jeremy Gillespie, Astron-6 also includes filmmakers Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney and Steven Kostanski, who all take turns writing, acting and directing the group’s work. FATHER’S DAY, largely directed by Brooks, originated as a fake trailer shot in 2010, but has now been expanded to become the group’s first feature film. FATHER’S DAY makes its premiere on October 21, 2011 at the Toronto After Dark Festival in a co-presentation with RUE MORGUE magazine. In this brief interview, Adam discusses the genesis of FATHER’S DAY and offers his frank assessment of the state of indie genre filmmaking in Canada.

Canuxploitation: Tell us a little about the history of Astron-6 as a group.

Adam: This is the boring question that starts every interview we do. We all made short films on our own, and every year entered them in the Winnipeg Short Film Massacre. We were competitors who decided to join forces.

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