Motion Picture Purgatory: SCANNERS II (1991)

David Cronenberg had little, if anything, to do with SCANNERS II: THE NEW ORDER (1991), the latest film tackled by Rick Trembles for this month’s MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY. This Montreal-shot direct-to-video sequel, featuring the offspring of characters in Dave’s original film, tries to create a whole new playing field in the city’s not-so-far off quasi-cyberpunk future, where exploding heads are a curiously more common experience than you might expect. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: ALIEN WARRIOR (1986)

Following last month’s look at Ed Hunt sci-fi flop STARSHIP INVASIONS, Rick Trembles is back with another Hunt headscratcher for this month’s MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY! Perhaps Hunt’s trashiest film ever, ALIEN WARRIOR (aka KING OF THE STREETS) features a naked alien who teaches kids about the joys of reading and helps gang members get on the right side of the law. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: STARSHIP INVASIONS (1977)

The late great Christopher Lee made a brief stopover in Canada during the tax shelter era to star in a couple of weird genre efforts–1976’s THE KEEPER and the Ed Hunt UFO epic STARSHIP INVASIONS, the latter of which is the subject of this month’s MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY mini-comic by Rick Trembles. Hunt, a true believer in UFOlogy, directed a handful of films on the topic including the psuedo-doc UFO’S ARE REAL (1979), but this one–released the same year as STAR WARS–dips into full-on camp, even though Lee looks like he’s having fun. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: HEAVY METAL SUMMER (1988)

Quick, which Canadian film does Ted Nugent make a cameo in? Why, none other than HEAVY METAL SUMMER, a dumb teen sex comedy churned out by Rafal Zielinski, the guiding light behind SCREWBALLS (1983) and many a similar PORKY’S rip-off. His last Canadian film is also the subject of this month’s MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY mini-comic by Rick Trembles, who promises he’s never had his hair cut by a topless woman like one of this movie’s characters.



Motion Picture Purgatory: SUDDEN FURY (1975)

Deep in the tax shelter era, Canada churned out some top notch backwoods thrillers. SUDDEN FURY, the latest title tackled by MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY’s Rick Trembles, is perhaps one of the best. Director Brian Damude’s only feature is a minimalist effort that plays out against a rural Ontario backdrop, as a psychotic husband tries to stage the death of his wife after an unfortunate accident leaves her pinned in her car.


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