Motion Picture Purgatory: HIGHPOINT (1982)

RITUALS director Peter Carter and screenwriter Ian Sutherland re-teamed a few years after their classic Canuck backwoods horror entry to give everyone the sluggish Hitchcockian comedy thriller they didn’t know they wanted. The wildly convoluted HIGHPOINT (1982), based almost entirely around a last-minute eye-popping stunt, was temporarily shelved and subject to reshoots. Still, as Rick Trembles covers in his latest Motion Picture Purgatory, it’s probably the only place you can see Christopher Plummer and Richard Harris face off on top of one of Canada’s biggest tourist attractions. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: RECRUITS (1986)

In the sex comedy sweepstakes that took hold in Canada after the success of PORKY’S,
RECRUITS (1986) looked to Hollywood for inspiration, bringing a paddy wagon-full of police hijinks and bountiful nudity to a tale of political intrigue. The largely forgotten ’80s film, which we can charitably call “heavily inspired” by the popular POLICE ACADEMY series, gets the Motion Picture Purgatory treatment from Rick Trembles. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: TRAPPED (1982)

Yee-haw! In Canada’s short-lived rural revenge fad of the 1980s, few films surpassed Bill Fruet’s twisted country tale TRAPPED (1982). Starring American character actor Henry Silva as a rough ‘n’ nasty varmint who takes a disliking to some city boys sniffing around his moonshining operation, the film was penned by slasher horror specialist John Beaird and often feels like a horror movie at times. Rick Trembles takes on this Canadian backwoods B-classic for his latest edition of Motion Picture Purgatory. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1990)

In the race to the bottom for the title of “Canada’s worst slasher” there are a depressingly high number of contestants, including the subject of the latest Motion Picture Purgatory from contributor Rick Trembles. It’s hard to argue that NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1990) doesn’t take the dubious prize–this pitifully budgeted horror film from producer/director Jack Bravman, the former porn impresario also behind tax shelter mayhem like ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE and VOODOO DOLLS, has perhaps the dumbest villain, worst jokes and a general cash-strapped atmosphere that kills more fun than hapless high school students. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: SKULLDUGGERY (1979)

An early entry in Canada’s WTF cannon of weird and wonderful genre films, SKULLDUGGERY was made by Czech-born photographer Ota Richter during a stopover in Canada at the tail end of the 1970s. Borrowing from both the slasher fad and Satanic Panic fears about RPG games that were rampant at the time, Richter crafted this nonsensical and occasionally surreal horror film about the fine line between reality and fantasy. One of the first films to feature Manitoba-born actress and Canuxploitation mainstay Wendy Crewson (THE MARK OF CAIN), the film’s confusing story and off-kilter take on the horror genre has won it a few fans over the years. Now, it’s Rick Trembles‘ turn to roll some D12s on the film for his latest Motion Picture Purgatory. Rick sez:


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