Make Some New Friends on June 16 — MON AMI Release Date Announced

One of our best-loved new Canadian films last year was the B.C.-shot pitch black, blood-spattered kidnapping comedy MON AMI, and we even named it our favourite indie feature of 2012 in our annual year-end round-up. Director Rob Grant got in touch with us recently to let us know that a release for the festival hit is imminent. Distributors Cinedigm/New Video currently plan to have the film debut on June 16, 2013 on iTunes (pre-order here) and that a limited run of DVD/Blu-Rays will be up are now up for sale on the film’s website.

If you haven’t hand a chance to check out MON AMI yet, we recommend that you make it a priority. To whet your appetite, here’s a new trailer created especially for the upcoming release:


Canuxploitation on DVD: Spring 2013 Preview

Here we are, back again with another peek at some of the offbeat Canadian films hitting DVDs in the next few months. Remember that clicking through these links helps support our efforts is rediscovering classic Canadian cult film, and that the Amazon links on the sidebar are always updated with the latest new release announcements for your viewing pleasure.


SEXCULA (Synapse)
Release Date: April 6
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Here’s a chance to see one of the strangest releases in the annals of Canuxploitation, what appears to be Canada’s only contribution to the porno chic movement. We had a part to play in getting this classic out of the dusty basement of a government-owned film archive and back in front of an audience like it deserves!


PORKY’S Blu-Ray (Fox)
Release Date: March 19

You’ve never seen so much wool in HD.


Canuxploitation on DVD: Winter 2013 Preview

The classic Canadian shockers continue to hit DVD, with several very big rumoured releases planned for 2013. Until then, there’s still a few notable releases hitting shelves in the first quarter of 2013.


INCUBUS (Scorpion Releasing)
Release Date: January 22
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Originally released by Elite Entertainment, Scorpion has grabbed the rights to this icky demonic rape thriller by John Hough. Apparently it’s the same transfer and Hough declined to participate, but if you don’t have the old disc now’s a great time to pick up this intriguing Canadian horror entry.


THE JITTERS (Retromedia)
Release Date: March 19

Here’s one we haven’t seen yet–after director John Fasano made ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE and ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE he went an entirely different route with this variation on the Chinese hopping vampire films, shot up north.


Canuxploitation on DVD: Fall 2012 Preview

Halloween means horror and that means it’s the perfect time for DVD companies to finally get around to releasing some of those creepy Canadian masterpieces they’ve kept under wraps for months. This year is no different, as we see another handful of titles hitting shelves including more releases hitting Blu-ray than ever before.

TERROR TRAIN (Shout Factory)
Release Date: October 16
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Fox didn’t do much with the original barebones DVD release of the seminal CanSlasher TERROR TRAIN, and even though it’s not a personal favourite around these parts, it’s hard to deny its rightful place in the tax shelter boom. If you missed it the first time, now’s your opportunity to get all abroad for Shout Factory’s bang up special edition DVD/Blu-ray.

DEATH SHIP (Scorpion) + Blu-ray
Release Date: November 6

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This classic, underrated Canadian shocker makes its R1 DVD (and Blu-ray!) debut courtesy of Scorpion–it’s definitely our pick if you’re looking to grab a Canadian cult film to curl up with on Halloween. Creepy boats, Saul Rubinek, George Kennedy going nuts–this one really has it all.

Release Date: November 6
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Scorpion continues to impress with a release of this tax shelter obscurity. Though the company has cautioned that the DVD was sourced from a video master–apparently all that was avaialble–they’ve made it available for a decent price. Either way it’s great to have this rarity back in circulation.


Canuxploitation on DVD: Spring 2012 Preview

Delays, delays and more delays! What was shaping up to be a great year for Canadian cult DVDs has turned into a mere trickle of new releases. Though several releases are still planned, it appears that most companies have pushed their Canadian titles to the Fall, where we expect a good half dozen or so new discs to gorge on. Note that list of upcoming and recent DVDs on the sidebar is always maintained and updated with the latest announcements throughout the year.

Release Date: Late April 2012
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Nice to see Jim Makichuk’s spooky 1986 film get a release, even if the film is a good four years off of it’s actual 30th anniversary(!). A wendigo’s on the loose here taking out snowmobilers, but the movie works better in building an isolated, snowy creepiness. Definitely worth a look and has a good shot at being the best Canadian B-film release of the season. But at this point, copies are only available directly from Code Red. If you want one, Paypal $21 (for US residents), $24 (for Canadian residents) or $25 (for overseas residents) to codereddvd@yahoo.com.

MEATBALLS (Lionsgate)
Release Date: June 12
Repeat after me: “It just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter.” Reitman’s classic comedy finally debuts on Blu for a nice price.

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