Motion Picture Purgatory: XTRO II (1990)

Back in the 1990s, once the last of the tax shelter money dried up, Canadian genre film went through a lean period largely focused on straight-to-video shlock and sequels to American straight-to-video shlock. One of the more interesting efforts was XTRO II: THE SECOND ENCOUNTER, a followup to the bizarre 1982 sci-fi effort that tries to do what ALIENS did for the previous entry in the franchise–namely, reimagine it as a tough guy action romp. This entry spearheaded by Canuck producers Lloyd A. Simandl and Michael Mazo (of EMPIRE OF ASH fame) saw UK director Harry Bromley Davenport revisiting the property he created, which he did again five years later for 1995’s American conclusion XTRO 3: WATCH THE SKIES. Rick Trembles abducted a copy of this sleazier Canadian second entry for his latest Motion Picture Purgatory Rick sez: