Rue Morgue TV: SPASMS

The latest Canuxploitation episode on Rue Morgue TV has just dropped. In this episode, I get down in the dirt with Oliver Reed and Peter Fonda to find out how production troubles threatened to sink William Fruet’s 1983 Canadian creature feature SPASMS.

  1. Stephen K says:

    I really love what you guys do, love the films you cover, I think you do a great job of researching and presenting the stories of these films… but you guys have to up your game on production of your videos. The visual aspect is pretty great, I’d try to find greater difference in camera shots to distinguish them from one and other, but that’s just me. The audio, though, is terrible. You have go to invest in some close, lavalier mics, and some sound baffles or dampening material. The audio is so bad it distracts from how great the videos are.