Motion Picture Purgatory: THRILLKILL (1984)

Canadian genre film steps boldly into the exciting future world of 1984 with THRILLKILL, a movie about newfangled “video games” starring former local TV weatherman Robin Ward as a police detective solving the mystery of competing theives out to steal millions of bucks. Director Anthony Kramreither, the notorious Canadian producer behind MONDO NUDE, MONDO STRIP and MONDO MACHO, among other exploitation delights, offers his vision of technology gone haywire with this confusing thriller about arcade murder simulators and e-embezzling. It would almost seem ahead of its time if it wasn’t full of clunky computers, mammoth modems and weird hot dog dates. In his latest Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles hacks into the film’s complicated plot mechanics but finds mostly loose wires and fried motherboards. Rick sez: