Motion Picture Purgatory: American Nightmare (1983)

Perhaps the sleaziest slasher ever filmed in the grimy Toronto streets, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE is a strange tax shelter film from Don McBrearty, who had clearly come along from his roots at the NFB. Rick Trembles is back with another Motion Picture Purgatory that looks at the film’s endless parade of nudity and depravity, involving switchblades, sex blackmail and seedy stripper joints. Rick sez:


  1. George White says:

    Have you seen this? Pranks TV http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0183668/?ref_=ttco_co_tt – a Canadian “special interest” video by PBS’ Leslie Asako Gladsip. It fits in with the post-Stompian
    with Andrea Juno – who was in an 1980s video by Nine Inch Nails director Jon Weiss?

    Sean FIeld has been in some Canadian fare – eg Dominion the Webseries (with a lot of indie Canadian actors) and played a young Rudolph Walker in Hit for Six and Saidi’s Song with Coronation Steet’s Maynard Ezihashi (and not about foreign actors Ismael and Aymen Saidi, KarimSaidi, Canada’s Burnt Coffee/Galactica’s Mercy Saidi and Karim Saidi of Blue is the Warmest Colour )