Motion Picture Purgatory: ELECTRA (1996)

Talk about purgatory–if you’ve been to your local multiplex lately, you may have noticed we’re in the midst of superhero cinema overload, with dozens upon dozens of franchise-building entries set to be meted over the next decade, each more hyped than the last. But though Marvel and DC now dominate, it wasn’t so long ago that superhero cinema was far more quaint, stocked with knock-off brands and substandard powers. For example, how’s about a Canadian superhero film that not only boasts dominatrices, sex toys and incestuous overtones, but also happens to star the wife of a famous rock star? Rick Trembles is back with another site-exclusive MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY, ready to don his cape and cowl and go head-to-toe with the very bizarre ELECTRA (1996),  

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