NEWEST POSTER CALGARYCanuxploitation favourite Barry J. Gillis dropped us a line recently to let us know that his most recent exercise in brutality, THE KILLING GAMES, will be released on April 22, 2014! Though Gillis is busy in pre-production on his upcoming film, HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS (which will film this summer), he was excited to let us know that fans across the world will be able to grab THE KILLING GAMES, on Apple iTunes, Google Play and other outlets next week. Featuring a character named Dirty Jesus, organized crime, rape, murder and infedelity, we called the film “a condemnation of the worst of human impulse and a tribute to its undefeatable spirit” and “as full of contradictions and wild inspiration as the man who made it.” THE KILLING GAMES can be pre-ordered right now on Apple iTunes.

Contest time!
Streaming is great, but wanna grab yourself a copy of Barry’s latest–for free? Describe your favourite scene from THINGS or WICKED WORLD and send it, along with your mailing address to: contest@canuxploitation.com. First three responses get a Blu-ray copy of THE KILLING GAMES. It’s just that easy.  Update: All gone, thanks for the entries! Congrats to David, Mark and Trevor!

Check out our full review and the trailer:

Fine print: This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the United States only. The decision of the judge is final. By sending in your description you give permission for us to post it on this blog if we choose. Any collected personal information will only be used to reward the winner — no third parties involved.

  1. Mark Hanson says:

    Ahh, Things. Such an amazing work of art. For all of the craziness that happens in Things, my favourite moment is more low-key. About halfway through the film, Don’s friend Fred abruptly disappears from the kitchen that they’re standing in. Don and his brother Doug try and figure out what happened to him and Don suddenly thinks he knows the answer. “Spontaneous combustion,” he says. “I read about this crap.” Then they promptly go back to drinking beers and trading jokes as if Fred was never there in the first place. Pure gold.

  2. David A. Lloyd says:

    My favourite scene is from THINGS. It’s the totally random and oddball appearance of adult film star Amber Lynn as a news reporter. Simple but wacky.