SEXCULA Hits the Big Screen in Toronto on April 6!

In advance of the Impulse Pictures’ DVD release of the “lost” Canadian XXX horror spoof SEXCULA on April 9, 2013, Canuxploitation and Vancouver adult film archaeologists Return to Porno Chic! are teaming up to present the world premiere of the virtually unseen film in Toronto at the Big Picture Cinema – Gerrard on April 6, 2013 with special pre-show entertainment provided by The Canadian Romantic.

Sealed away in a dingy government basement for 40 years, SEXCULA makes its big screen debut not only as Canada’s only contribution to the porno chic film boom of the 1970s, but also one of earliest monster movies made north of the border (see our review of the film). Return to Porno Chic’s Dimitrios Otis and Canuxploitation.com’s Paul Corupe, who rediscovered and resurrected the film, will also be on hand to conduct a Q&A about the all-Canadian story of the film’s legend and reveal why SEXCULA said to suck more than just your blood.


This is may be your only chance to SEXCULA on a big screen, so get your raincoats on and come on down for what promises to be one of the most unique screening events in all of Canadian film history! But don’t just take our word for it–reviews of the DVD have started to trickle in already:

Mondo Digital
Rock! Shock! Pop!
The Manchester Morgue
Dr. Terror

  1. John Charles says:

    Great news, though surely this should be running at the Metro!

  2. What are the ticket prices?

  3. dimitrios says:

    just received some promos—the cover alone makes it a keeper DVD—so will be able to do a couple of giveaways at the screening; advanced mathematical skill-testing questions, of course ( ;

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