Motion Picture Purgatory: BEDROOM EYES (1984)

Turn down the lights and open up your window blinds for latest exclusive mini-Motion Picture Purgatory review by Rick Trembles about the most voyeurism-heavy erotic thriller north of the 49th! Director William Fruet made the transition from humble CanCon peddler to Canadian King of the Bs by cranking out enjoyable trash like 1984’s BEDROOM EYES, in which a sex-obsessed peeping tom gets more than he bargained for.



  1. George White says:

    I was astonished to discover that “Barbara Law” is actually Barbara “Dick” Dixon (not the more famous Barbara Dickson), who was a member of the popular Irish teen girlgroup Maxi, Dick and Twink. Unlike her colleagues Irene “Maxi” McCoubrey and Adele “Twink” King who became major Irish broadcasters (famous to go under mononyms), I also wonder what happened to Dick. Astonished to realise this was her. http://discodelivery.blogspot.ie/2008/02/disco-delivery-53-barbara-law-take-all.html