Canuxploitation on DVD: Spring 2013 Preview

Here we are, back again with another peek at some of the offbeat Canadian films hitting DVDs in the next few months. Remember that clicking through these links helps support our efforts is rediscovering classic Canadian cult film, and that the Amazon links on the sidebar are always updated with the latest new release announcements for your viewing pleasure.


SEXCULA (Synapse)
Release Date: April 6
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Here’s a chance to see one of the strangest releases in the annals of Canuxploitation, what appears to be Canada’s only contribution to the porno chic movement. We had a part to play in getting this classic out of the dusty basement of a government-owned film archive and back in front of an audience like it deserves!


PORKY’S Blu-Ray (Fox)
Release Date: March 19

You’ve never seen so much wool in HD.