Motion Picture Purgatory: NOT A LOVE STORY (1981)

It’s still Valentine’s Day, but just about nobody’s in the mood for romance in Bonnie Sherr Klein’s anti-porn crusade doc NOT A LOVE STORY, the latest exclusive mini-Motion Picture Purgatory review by Rick Trembles. I only wish we knew Klein’s thoughts on a real homegrown attempt we recently helped unearth, SEXCULA!



  1. Marc Cavello says:

    Hello Mr. Trembles,

    Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I enjoyed this artwork immensely. It’s my first time seeing your work and I’m happy to have found it… I look forward to seeing more in the future… Sincerely Yours,

    Marc Cavello

  2. dimitrios says:

    So that’s the movie in a nutshell — there may be a story-editor job in your future!