Canuxploitation’s Best of 2012

Here we are in 2013, which means that its time to look back at some of our favourite films and releases from 2012. We saw a lot more love for Canadian cult classics on DVD this year, with lots of indie filmmakers scrambling to cook up the next sensation like HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

Things were happening here at Canuxploitation.com too–we delivered our “Echoes from the Sleep Room” course again at the The Black Museum, began publishing an exclusive Canadian film edition of the Motion Picture Purgatory comic strip and a TV column. We also help rediscover some “lost” Canadian films–the pioneering X-rated SEXCULA and cottage cult classic PSYCHO PIKE, along with some 1980s VHS obscurities during our “Summer of VHS” series. And beyond the site some related events popped up too from the Blood in the Snow Canadian horror film festival and the If They Came From Within speculative art show. All in all, It’s been a good year to be a Canuxploitation fan, so let’s take an entirely unscientific look back at the year that was.



Have we arrived in the post-grindhouse revival period? Probably not, but this year Brandon Cronenberg gave us a glimpse of where Canadian horror might be headed with this surprisingly accomplished sci-fi horror movie that draws on the imagery and mutated biology of his famous father’s films while still carving out a unique feel all its own. More than almost all recent genre films, it feels the most like a real tax shelter throwback with visiting Hollywood guest stars, high concept storytelling and that undeniable, gritty Canuck atmosphere that we love, far exceeding our expectations. Flawed? Perhaps, but its still our pick and for favourite film of the year.


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Motion Picture Purgatory: PIN: A PLASTIC NIGHTMARE (1988)

Happy new year from Rick Trembles, who returns with another exclusive Motion Picture Purgatory review of the notably odd anatomical dummy horror film PIN: A PLASTIC NIGHTMARE (1988). Made at the very end of the tax shelter era, it’s a disturbing, low-key tale of mental illness that continues to remain one of Canuxploitation’s brightest (and creepiest) jewels.


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