Canuxploitation Presents: Summer of VHS

For many, beautiful weather and long lazy days meant only one thing–the chance to swing by the local video rental store and walk out with as many 99 cent week-long VHS rentals as you could carry. Those days may be gone, but their spirit certainly lives on, which is why we here at Canuxploitation will be attempting to relive our misspent youths by offering up some VHS-centric reviews and blog features all summer long. We’ve got a great review line-up of obscure, VHS-era movies headed your way over the next two months, starting with today’s post of PSYCHO PIKE, a Canadian film thought completely lost for 20 years. So keep checking back for a variety of new 1980s and early ’90s rarities, with the added bonus that you don’t need to adjust your tracking or kindly rewind when you’re finished reading.