Mike MacDonald Needs Your Help

Some sad news this morning–Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald is in need of an immediate liver transplant. MacDonald was diagnosed with Hepatitis C last year and, due to a recent and severe infection, is going through an extremely tough time at the moment.

Though MacDonald is perhaps best known for his work as a standup comic, Canadian sex comedy fans will recognize him from three prominent roles– Captain Magruder in RECRUITS, Mr. Arsenault in LOOSE SCREWS and Laylo Nardeen in ODDBALLS. MacDonaldexcelled at playing vengeful authority figures who get their richly-deserved comeuppance, but it’s his role as the sleazy camp counsellor Nardeen that really stands out amongst his film work, a reprobate who teaches kids pick-up lines, shows them “stag” movies (literally!) and passes out fake IDs to get them into bars–easily one of the film’s most memorable performances.

If you enjoyed MacDonald’s appearance’s in these films or even his stand-up work that was prominently featured at Just for Laughs and other comedy festivals and TV shows, I encourage you to read his story and donate money to help his family out during this time.

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  2. kelly Gordon says:

    hi Mr Macdonald…Watched Canada Am this morn. Have experienced the live donor program through 2004 – 2007 in Toronto. My partner needed a liver and had 15 potential donors. A “perfect” match presented via a close friends son. Once surgery commenced it was found th arteries running through th liver was too large to havest any portion. I alsofound that quebec had the highest rate of cadavor organ donation and fewer deaths for patients waiting for transplant.an we were sent home. Im sorry to say kevin lost his battle a short time later. I write too you not to discourage u and to share wih you the thoughts of our surgeon in Toronto aafter the surgery. I asked him if he were in our shoes after doing everything we could to aquire a liver and we obviosly failed what would he do? His reply was th Mayo. Clinics. Although th live donor program is a god idea..cadavor organs make more sense and our goverment isnt doing enough to encourage families at the time of death to donate organs. In 1990 there was no wating list for patients needing transplants. British Columbia has a national Registry for the public to register long before their death taki.g pressure off families at a difficult time