Canuxploitation on DVD: Spring 2012 Preview

Delays, delays and more delays! What was shaping up to be a great year for Canadian cult DVDs has turned into a mere trickle of new releases. Though several releases are still planned, it appears that most companies have pushed their Canadian titles to the Fall, where we expect a good half dozen or so new discs to gorge on. Note that list of upcoming and recent DVDs on the sidebar is always maintained and updated with the latest announcements throughout the year.

Release Date: Late April 2012
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Nice to see Jim Makichuk’s spooky 1986 film get a release, even if the film is a good four years off of it’s actual 30th anniversary(!). A wendigo’s on the loose here taking out snowmobilers, but the movie works better in building an isolated, snowy creepiness. Definitely worth a look and has a good shot at being the best Canadian B-film release of the season. But at this point, copies are only available directly from Code Red. If you want one, Paypal $21 (for US residents), $24 (for Canadian residents) orĀ $25 (for overseas residents) to codereddvd@yahoo.com.

MEATBALLS (Lionsgate)
Release Date: June 12
Repeat after me: “It just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter.” Reitman’s classic comedy finally debuts on Blu for a nice price.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Do you know if and when The Corridor will be released on DVD?
    Thank you.