John Dunning Fêted at TFCA Awards Gala

It was a long time coming. During the Toronto Film Critics Association’s 15th annual gala awards earlier this week, Cinepix’s John Dunning was given the Clyde Gilmour Award, recognizing his lifetime achievement for contributions to Canadian film. The honour was actually announced last spring, and in the months since then, Dunning–ailing since a 2006 bicycle crash–unfortunately passed away. In his place, John’s son Greg accepted the posthumous award from his father’s friend and acolyte, David Cronenberg.

As part of the  presentation (and, I guess, a service to those TFCA members not fully unaware of Dunning’s legacy) the gala projected a five-minute compilation of Cinepix’s greatest moments, edited by Blue Sunshine co-founder David Bertrand. It’s recommended viewing for seasoned fans and newcomers alike, an exhilarating look at some of the highlights of Dunning’s five decade career in Canadian filmmaking. Unfortunately, since embedding that video is forbidden (boo!), here’s a clip that’s not quite as fun but still worth checking out–Cronenberg’s speech at the gala.

Update (1/14/12): Dave got us permission to embed the video here–thanks to him and the TFCA!

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  1. Mr. Sleazoid says:

    Took long enough. I get this wierd feeling people didn’t remember him? The Classic Horror Film Board had one (count em’ one) comment on his legacy – mine!