2011 Holiday Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2011 holiday giveaway–we have sifted through your e-mails and are ready to announce the winners!

Congrats to grand prize winner Josh Marler, who gets their top film list published next week. He also picks up the NFB’s new CANADA VIGNETTES: A LOVE STORY DVD, featuring 36 classic Canadian shorts from the 1970s and ’80s, plus Retro Films Entertainment‘s mob mockumentary THE NOTORIOUS NEWMAN BROTHERS: RUBBED OREGANO EDITION. Stay tuned for his picks in as a special reader edition of CanFilm Five!

Our runner-up is  Andrew Hovi, who also grabs copies of CANADA VIGNETTES: A LOVE STORY and THE NOTORIOUS NEWMAN BROTHERS. Andrew’s favourite film is  the seasonally appropriate BLACK CHRISTMAS:

“Bob Clark essentially created the slasher genre, while making a film that still stands up today. Suspense, tension, gore, Black Christmas has it all, and few films have been able to match it. Mandatory viewing for horror and film fans alike. “

Finally,  Matt Rauch will receive a copy of Barry J Gillis’ mind-bending WICKED WORLD . Matt’s pick is Michael Dowse’s latest, GOON, which hits theatres in the new year:

“I saw GOON at TIFF this year and it was fantastic. It was most likely the funniest movie I’ve seen at TIFF ever and it had great hockey action and mustaches! The chemistry between Allison Pill and Sean William Scott was sweet and the hockey players were all very funny stereotypes. The movie really involved you in the sport of hockey–not just the glossy NHL-type play, but the Men’s league. The beer drinking, old equipment, foul-mouthed hockey that I grew up with in rural Ontario.”

Special thanks to the NFB, Retro Films Entertainment and Barry J. Gillis for the prizes. Watch for more giveaways in the future!

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