Canuxploitation’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

It’s a problem that has plagued holiday shoppers since the very beginning of time–what to get that fickle Canadian cult film fan on your list this holiday season? With only 33 more shopping days until Christmas (and even less until Hanukkah), Canuxploitation is here to help. We’ve dug deep into the dingiest corners of the internet to come up with a whole macramé stocking full of ideas to keep your holiday bright and your Christmas considerably less Black. As our guide threatened to burst with so much good cheer, we were forced to break it up into three separate instalments. This time out, we’re looking at stocking stuffers, CDs (people still buy those?) and DVDs. Next week it’s items for the home, and the following week spotlights clothing and big ticket items. Thanks to Canuxploitation contributors Lauren Oostveen and Allan Mott for their help compiling this guide.



ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS keychain – $3

Give the gift that will creep out your friend’s family, co-workers or anyone else who spots this plastic-enclosed ode to sexploitation dangling from their car ignition. Also makes for a very awkward Hanukkah gift.

SCANNERS earrings – $15

What fashion-forward gal doesn’t want a pair of screaming Michael Ironsides dangling from their lobes, just sucking brains dry wherever she goes?


Help your pals turn down the suck with this essential guide illustrated by Alberta graphic artist Tom Bagley. Originally released to coincide with the first FUBAR film, this book has now been reprinted for, uh, a new generation of fans.




Jerry Fielding – FUNERAL HOME OST $21

Soundtrack nuts will be thrilled with this deluxe release of the score for Bill Fruet’s horror triumph. For his final A full orchestral soundtrack of strings, brass and piano exude eeriness  First time on CD!

Various Artists – APRES SKI OST – $12

Classic “Maple Syrup Porn” soundtrack made its debut on CD this year too. Crate diggers, funk fans and hipsters alike will enjoy the campy sounds of Montreal psych band Illustration and Celine Lomez’s crooning.





Any Canadian film fan with a basement full of old rotting VHS tapes will surely appreciate the upgrade that Scorpion’s new DVD of HUMONGOUS offers. For the first time, viewers can actually see what happens in the film’s notoriously dark night sequences, which reveal this Paul Lynch film to be a hidden gem of 1980s CanHorror.


We wanted it, we waited (and waited!), and now it’s finally available–one of the best Canadian horror films of the 1970s finally hit the streets last winter. No Canadian B-film buff should go without it, so make good and sure they don’t!


(See page sidebar for ordering instructions) This super-obscure 1986 comedy, the first independent feature film to come out of Newfoundland, makes a nice gift for East Coast film fans and comedy buffs alike. Directed by Andy Jones and starring much of the group that later formed CBC comedy troupe CODCO, the plot revolves around Newfoundland seceding from Canada.

TERMINAL CITY RICOCHET – Soundtrack and DVD set – $15 

Never released on VHS, Zale Dalen’s rarely seen dark comedy is a Canadian riff on REPO MAN that swirls together a satiric stew of politics, TV and hockey. Starring Jello Biafra as the slimy mayor’s right-hand man and CanPunk legend Joey Shithead, this two-disc package released by Alternative Tentacles also includes the film’s soundtrack, which features D.O.A., The Beatnigs and Art Bergmann.