Harry Warden Turns 30 — FanExpo Recap

Did you make it to FanExpo in Toronto last weekend? If not, you missed a fun look back at one of the best Canadian slasher films of the 1980s, George Mihalka’s murderin’ miner tale MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

To celebrate the film’s release 30 years ago, Rue Morgue magazine organized this anniversary panel with eight cast and crewmembers chatting about bringing this classic slice of killer Canadiana to life. Of course, I’ve interviewed director George Mihalka and line producer Bob Presner in the past about their collaboration on this film (and on PINBALL SUMMER), but this was a nice opportunity to get some additional perspective from some of the cast and prolific Canadian B-film score composer Paul Zaza.

Here’s a few pics of the event courtesy of Rue Morgue and Canuxploitation contributor James Burrell.

The full panel, from L to R: star Neil Affleck, Paul Zaza, George Mihalka, star Lori Hallier, Bob Presner, stars Helene Udy and Jim Murchison. 

George Mihalka explains that he refused to have a disco song play over the end credits.

Here I’m looking over my notes. This was probably before I realized that with eight guests on the panel and lots of great anecdotes about shooting in Nova Scotia’s Sydney Mines that I probably didn’t need to prepare any additional questions.

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  1. Allan says:

    It’s a shame the late Keith Knight isn’t around to take part in panels like this. His moustache is my favourite part of the original MBV.

  2. Canuxploitation! says:

    Not to worry, we poured out a 40oz of Moosehead for both Keith and his moustache.

  3. MrsV says:

    What happened to Cynthia Dale? I thought she was advertised as being there too. We were going to try to do this last minute, very glad we didn’t take that 11 hour drive now. All of the people you did have are awesome though!!

  4. Canuxploitation! says:

    She was, but the lineup was constantly in flux–I wasn’t 100% sure on who was going to be there until about 10 minutes beforehand.