Giveaway of 1000 Ugly Brutal Cuts: Winners!!

The results are in on our THINGS fanart giveaway! Today we’re handing out THINGS DVDs courtesy of Intervision Picture Corp and copies of WICKED WORLD from Barry J. Gillis himself. A few weeks ago we asked questionably artistic B-movie fans to send in their most horrible, brutal and insane fanart devoted to the most warped Canadian film of all time, THINGS.  Here are the results!

“Grand” Prize Winner
A hearty mulleted congats to Wilson Stiner, who picks up an autographed THINGS DVD courtesy of Intervision as well as a THINGS comic book that we didn’t even know we were giving away until Barry gave us an extra copy. Like THINGS, Mr. Stiner’s submission is acutely painful to look at, hazy and garish in all the right (wrong?) ways.  One of several entries that chose to capture the film’s dreamlike intro of a nude devil-masked woman, we also particularly liked the inclusion of the clothes iron in the background to add to the seedy basement ambience. Check it out!

First Runner-Up
It’s obvious that Jesse Arnison‘s runner-up winning entry displays at least a little artistic talent, but the expression on Barry’s face is just too perfect as he hoists his beer while completely failing to notice the ant/creature/thing sneaking into the frame, which fairly sums up the entire plot of the film. Jesse picks up a DVD copy of THINGS from Intervision for his trouble.

More fanart and prizes revealed after the jump!

Second Runners-Up
As already noted, Barry J. Gillis himself has supplied three copies of his latest opus, WICKED WORLD which we describe in our review as “a bizarre message film” with “off-kilter, almost dreamy quality”. OK, it ain’t THINGS, but it comes close on several occasions. The following artistes, presented in no particular order, get to experience Gillis’ latest vision (click to enlarge their work).

First up is Adolfo Maldonado‘s depiction of one of the film’s goriest moments as this happy little critter gets a powertool to the face. And hey, isn’t that Salvador Dali’s famous “Devil’s Daughter” painting in the background? It was thought to be burnt years ago.

Next, Jay Kranz goes crazy with MS Paint’s spraypaint tool to depict the film’s infamous prologue in a headache-inducing swirl. Love the yellow pants here.

Finally, Dan Clausen aptly depicts the lucid horror of accidently killing your best friend and then maybe having a beer or whatever.

Thanks to all who entered and for those who didn’t win, don’t worry, there will be more giveaways in the future.

You Have Just Experienced A THINGS Giveaway.

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  1. I just have to get a couple of more addresses and the winners will be sent a copy of WICKED WORLD…