Giveaway of 1000 Ugly Brutal Cuts: Win an Autographed THINGS DVD!

Calling all movie fans and masochists–Wanna win yourself an autographed  THINGS DVD courtesy of Intervision Picture Corp or a copy of Barry J. Gillis’ new follow up WICKED WORLD? Of course you do!

I’ve got DVDs to give away to five questionably artistic B-movie fans that can’t live without these warped cult classicks. And, for the first time in the site’s history, this giveaway is open to U.S. residents too! See below for all the ghastly, horrible, brutal and insane details!

What you need to do
Send us your “artistic” interpretation of your favourite scene from the motion picture THINGS, as captured in the majesty of MS Paint or Mac Paintbrush (or another basic drawing program of your choice).  I’m looking for a very basic picture that best captures the crude, de-humanizing spirit and tone of THINGS, so artistic talent may actually be a hinderance in this case.  Never seen the film? No problem–just read over our review and get inspired on what you imagine a scene might look like.

Send your most craptastic submissions to: contest@canuxploitation.com by 12:00am, August 1, 2011 and we’ll announce the winners and show off the best work here!

The prizes
Five DVDs are up for grabs:

  • First prize for the “best” drawing will pick up a copy of Intervision’s new THINGS autographed by Barry J Gillis and Andrew Jordan.
  • The first runner-up will recieve Intervision’s new THINGS DVD
  • Three second runners-up will recieve WICKED WORLD on DVD

Here’s my own brilliantly rendered contribution to help you get inspired:

Fine print
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the United States only. The decision of the judges will be final. By sending in a drawing you give permission for us to post it on this blog if it wins. Any collected personal information will only be used to reward the winner — no third parties involved.

Good luck and get me another beer!

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  1. Brad Mills says:

    This is an awesome contest, I look forward to seeing some creative entries!

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