CanFilm Five: THINGS Star Barry J. Gillis

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics, programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

For this edition of CanFilm Five, we asked Barry J. Gillis, the star of THINGS (which hits DVD from Intervision Film Corp on July 13) and WICKED WORLD, for his five favourite Canadian films.

Barry: There are lots of films that could be a part of this list. For example, David Cronenberg is my favorite Canadian director and I love many of his films. It is difficult to remember every Canuxploitation movie I have ever watched, and there are so many Canuxploitation movies that I still have yet to see. Thanks to the Canuxploitation film review site, we can all rejoice in knowing that there are tons of Canadian movies worth checking out that we may not even heard of, and many more that are worth watching  for the 100th time!

I once wrote Gene Simmons a letter and he told me that, “There is no such thing as shameless self promotion. There is only shame in not promoting yourself”. So, I’m going to take it from the master promoter himself and plug some of my own movies!

1. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN — Produced by Rob Cotterill and starring Rutger Hauer, this movie is a masterpiece of filmmaking. Director Jason Eisener has created an instant classic that everyone will want to watch over and over again. The special effects are fantastic and the acting is awesome. I just cannot say enough about HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN–it is a great movie! If you don’t like HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, you need to get your head checked or sign yourself into the nearest mental health centre…

2. CLASS OF 1984 — I haven’t watched this movie in many years, but I remember loving this movie when I first saw it. Recently seeing the trailer again, it is now on my agenda to be watched again soon.

3. THINGS — Andrew Jordan and I began filming THINGS in 1987, and released in it 1989. It stars porn star Amber Lynn. Every time I watch THINGS I have a different feeling about the movie. It seems like a movie that is open to new interpretations every time I watch it. I have often heard this from “THINGS-ites” [Barry’s term for fans of the film–ED], and after seeing the movie many times, I am begining to believe that each viewing is a brand new experience within itself. It’s very difficult to explain–the movie has to be watched more than twice to understand what I mean. THINGS is something that could have been made in another dimension… and… maybe it was…

4. WICKED WORLD –I shot WICKED WORLD on weekends over a year on 16mm film. It was made for less than CDN$15,000. I had the film in storage for many years, and it is now finally available to the public. There are lots of killings and the movie is just pure craziness. I was still in the early stages of honing my craft as a director, so I am not overjoyed with the results. On a “good day” I absolutely enjoy watching WICKED WORLD. On a bad day, I hate watching WICKED WORLD. It is probably one of the most depressing Canadian movies ever made.

5. THE KILLING GAMES — This may not be fair, as my latest film, THE KILLING GAMES, is still in post-production, however movie fans everywhere will enjoy it. I believe I have matured greatly as a director with this movie and, for its small budget, we got some decent thrills and chills. I’m looking forward to getting the movie fully edited and out to the public!


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