CanFilm Five: THINGS Director Andrew Jordan

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics, programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

For this edition of CanFilm Five, we asked Andrew Jordan, the director of THINGS (which hits DVD from Intervision Film Corp on July 13) to pick his five favourite “forgotten” Canadian horror films. But Andrew’s quite well versed in the horror genre, and we couldn’t contain him to just five selections!  So here are Andrew’s top 10 forgotten or obscure Canadian horror films, along with his suggestions for obtaining the most complete and uncensored VHS version possible.

1. DERANGED (1974) — Most people don’t know this movie, based on serial killer Ed Gein, was shot in Toronto. Make sure you get the uncut version with scenes of scooping out an eyeball scene and scooping the brains of a corpse with a spoon.  The DVD is censored.

2. POSSESSION OF VIRGINIA (1972) — Another difficult-to-find film that is even harder to find uncut.

3. HUMONGOUS (1982) — Features the unpolitically correct tagline: “Here are the monster’s little toys. Once they were little girls and boys.” Most versions of this are censored.

4. THE PYX (1973) –A heroin-addicted prostitute, a murderous devil cult and Karen Black. ‘Nuff Said!

5. RITUALS (1977) — The Embassy Video VHS tape is cut, so get the uncut, Astral Video version.

6. BELLS (1982) — Make sure you get the uncut version–the version released under the title MURDER BY PHONE is heavily cut.

7. THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVED DOWN THE LANE (1976) – -This one is not usually thought of as a Canadian film but it was filmed in Canada.

8. DEATH SHIP (1980) – A Canadian/UK co-production — creepy!

9. DEATH WEEKEND (1976) — Another film that needs to be seen in an uncut version to be fully appreciated.

10. SEIZURE (1974) — Oliver Stone weirdness!

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  1. vishnu says:

    Just a heads up, there’s a German R2 dvd of Deranged that is full uncut.