The New Canadian Cult Vanguard? A Q&A with VAN GORE’s Keith Hodder

Grindhouse has gone mainstream and Canadian directors are reaping the blood-soaked rewards. First Jason Eisener caused a viral stir with HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, his winning entry from a contest sponsored by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s 2007 genre two-fer GRINDHOUSE. Now, with the release of a feature based on that trailer, Eisener has paid his good fortune forward to fledgling filmmakers Keith Hodder, Peter Strauss and Jerrad Pulham, who won  HOBO’s own trailer contest with their plasma-drenched entry VAN GORE, an authentic-looking  horror throwback to classic “killer artist” films of the 1960s like BLOOD BATH, H.G. Lewis’ COLOR ME BLOOD RED and even a homegrown effort, the Montreal-shot PLAYGIRL KILLER.

With their trailer landing a featured spot on the HOBO WITH A SHOGUN DVD and Blu-ray  discs released this week, the trio is hoping, like Eisener, to turn their two-minute success into a 90-minute blast of exploitation fun. Co-director and co-writer Keith Hodder explained their approach and the latest direction in Canadian cult film to in this one-on-one interview with Canuxploitation.com.

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