Motion Picture Purgatory: SPASMS (1983)

What happens when you make a killer snake movie and the robotic creepy crawlie that the FX guys make doesn’t actually work? Well, you probably end up with something like SPASMS, the latest Canadian genre flick profiled on Rick Trembles’ Motion Picture Purgatory This early ’80s Cancon creature feature never quite works but you can’t blame it for not trying–director William Fruet tried to get around technical issues by packing in ancient cults, Oliver Reed battling a psychic snake, Tangerine Dream songs and Al Waxman exploding in a van. Rick sez:


Motion Picture Purgatory: SPLATTER: ARCHITECTS OF FEAR (1986)

One of Canada’s goriest SOV entries makes its debut on Canuxploitation! A how-to gore FX video that wasn’t really what it claimed to be, SPLATTER: ARCHITECTS OF FEAR is an offbeat but popular VHS store rental that still confuses people today over it’s true intentions–is this supposed to be an instructional video or a post-apocalyptic epic? For his latest Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles digs into the squibs-and-nudity-packed legend of SPLATTER and it’s strange appeal. Rick sez:



You just can’t keep a good horny vampire down. Motion Picture Purgatory artist Rick Trembles has a comix review up for our recent Canadian classic ’70s porn discovery SEXCULA!



CanFilm Five: Cult Film Comix Artist Rick Trembles

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

Rick Trembles’ critically acclaimed and always awesome hybrid comic strip/ movie criticism column Motion Picture Purgatory has been appearing every week in the Montreal Mirror since 1998 (after originating in the same pages with the paper’s inception in the ’80s). His unique work has been compiled and published as books by Fab Press (volume 1 & volume 2 are currently available).

Trembles also continues to make animated short films that occasionally tour the globe and to play in his 32-year-old post-punk band The American Devices. His more experimental comix work has been featured in numerous galleries and published internationally. The L.A. Times called him “a famous free thinker,” and Concordia University English Professor Marcie Frank featured Trembles in her chapter about comix for the book QUEER DIASPORAS (Duke University Press).

For this CanFilm Five, Rick offers his five favourite Canadian films that he has  featured in Motion Picture Purgatory. Click the thumbnail to see the full, comprehensive reviews on Rick’s site!

Rick sez: 

Not only does SWEET MOVIE (1975) have nostalgia-inducing footage of Montreal’s landmark Guaranteed Pure Milk tower that I used to frequently walk past, but full-frontal chocolate-covered split beaver from ’70s Quebec sex icon Carole Laure (at her confused counter-culture best), & Otto Muhl’s scatological “Cult of Infantilism” flailing about; who can resist such a banned oddity?

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