Book Review: They Came From Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema

Finding a new home for older material — This book review originally appeared on Canuxploitation in 2004. Full disclosure: I have known Caelum since about 2002, his book references Canuxploitation.com and Caelum has contributed to the site.

They Came From Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema
Caelum Vatnsdal, Arbeiter Ring Press (2004)

Out of all the sleazy genres that Canadian filmmakers have tackled over the last 50 years, none has been as tenacious as Canadian horror. Always controversial and rarely receiving critical approval, Canadian horror films have managed to survive the industry booms and busts to remain our b-movie genre of choice, far outnumbering the action, science fiction and comedy films clogging dusty video racks across the Great White North.

Strange then, that never before has anyone synthesized a complete history of our national nightmares caught on celluloid. It’s a conspicuous gap in our film criticism, especially given the popularity and abundance of Canadian horror films. Thankfully, Caelum Vatnsdal’s well-researched and often humorous new book, They Came From Within, finally sets the record straight on hoser horror—a revelation for Canadian film buffs and a wealth of information for horror fans. … Continue Reading