The Power of Sperm Part II — THE UNDRAWN Superteaser

We recently intervewed Brett Butler, one half of Toronto’s prolific Butler Brothers who are in pre-production on superhero satire THE UNDRAWN. As their funding drive kicks into high gear for the final week they’ve released their final teaser trailer:

The Butlers have a history of smart and funny indie films, so I urge you to throw a couple bucks their way.


The Power of Sperm: A Q&A with THE UNDRAWN Co-creator Brett Butler

Among the hardest working and most prolific indie filmmakers in the city, Toronto’s own Brett and Jason Butler have launched a funding drive for THE UNDRAWN, a new film project that promises to bring the sibling’s unique voice and smart satire to the comic superhero genre.

The Butler brothers made some of our favourite local indie comedies over the last decade or so. Although their films aren’t strictly genre works, they manage to combine pithy dialogue and cleverly observed relationship moments with just enough gratuitous penis jokes to keep them well outside the usual quirky indie fare and, therefore, well within the realm of Canuxploitation. We called their 2006 film CONFUSIONS OF AN UNMARRIED COUPLE  “equal parts Woody Allen and the Hanson Brothers,” which actually describes the bulk of their work pretty well.

Based on the early teasers, it looks like THE UNDRAWN is set to throw Stan Lee’s name into that prestigious mix too for a fun romp through a dark comic world of awkward sex, mid-life crises, and personal humiliation. As they ramp up towards filming, the Butlers have been debuting character teaser trailers for the last few weeks (new videos each Thursday and Friday), with more on the way followed by a “SuperTeaser” as the campaign draws to a close.

In anticipation of the film, we spoke to Brett Butler (above centre, flanked by Jason on the left and THE UNDRAWN director Jeffrey P. Nesker) about their new direction towards more traditional genre cinema, when simultaneous orgasms are a bad thing, and why you should kick them a couple bucks to help make THE UNDRAWN a reality.

You released a whole series of teasers for this project instead of just one, like most filmmakers. What was the idea behind this campaign?

We’re releasing a series of trailers for this project because we want to fully immerse people in the world and the characters of THE UNDRAWN. Basically we wanted to show the characters and their twisted and deviant world rather than just telling people about it, so we put our all our own money in and shot the teasers. It’s kind of an appetizer to let people decide if they want more!

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