Bad Monsters in Black Lace

Here at Canuxploitation we usually focus on feature-length films, but of course there’s a whole lot of  bloody and brilliant shorts being made, especially right now with so many genre festivals cropping up across North America and around the world.  Saskatoon-based Bad Monster Films programmer Tyler Baptist of (who previously contributed a CanFilm Five) gave us a sneak peek at his new effort, MANTIS IN BLACK LACE, which should meet the approval of Canuxploitation buffs– cool slab of sinema that’s perhaps even more twisted than its nameske 1968 feature. Check it out:



This Week in Screenings

While many of us discovered canuxploitation films through late night TV screenings and VHS rentals, there’s still something special about catching a locally produced B-movie classic in the theatre alongisde other Canadian film fans. Here’s just a selection of worthwhile screenings happening this week.

Friday September 16, Midnight
Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon
Bad Monster Films is proud to present one of the most controversial films ever to be produced with Canadian money! It’s SHOCKING! It’s DEPRAVED! It’s VIOLENT! It’s SADISTIC! It’s ILSA! More info here.

Saturday September 17, 10pm
Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa
The Lost Dominion Screening Collective kicks off its second Canadian Cult Revue season as Toronto is overrun by giant killer rats in DEADLY EYES. Introduced by Trash Palace programmer/Canuxploitation contributor Jonathan Culp! More info here.

Thursday September 22, 9pm
Revue Cinema, Toronto
Fango editor-in-chief Chris Alexander brings this Canadian bloody “dead teenager” slasher classic as part of his ongoing Film School Confidential series.  Actress Mary Beth Rubens is slated to appear and will particpate in a Q&A. No disco dancing in the aisles, please. More info here.


CanFilm Five: Bad Monster Films Programmer Tyler Baptist

CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

A Saskatoon-based film aficionado, filmmaker, reviewer, and film programmer, Tyler Baptist has curated Bad Monster Films’ monthly midnight screenings for the last four years. Described as “The Little Grindhouse on the Prairie,” Bad Monster Films brings revival cinema to the Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon’s only community owned and operated events centre, showcasing the very best and worst in cult/horror/exploitation cinema — including such Canadian classics as SCANNERS, THE BROOD, and CURTAINS  always in 35mm, the way they were meant to be seen.

For this CanFilm Five, Tyler offers up his five “baddest monsters” that roam the chilly corridors of Canuxplotation cinema.

Tyler: First off, I must confess that, if I didn’t obey to the rules of the CanFilm Five, “The Fiend” from SCIENCE CRAZED would take up this entire list. It is the ultimate “baddest monster” in Canadian film history, in every sense of the word “bad.” For that very reason (and since the movie itself is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing), it would only be fair to exclude it from this list. But do seek SCIENCE CRAZED out any way you can! However, I still plan on breaking the rules a bit and instead I am presenting my CanFilm 5 “baddest monster” types and their film counterparts. Their baddassery ranges from pure awesome and frightening to unbelievably hokey. (Please note: A few spoilers below.)

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