Motion Picture Purgatory: KINGS & DESPERATE MEN (1981)

Nothing says season’s greetings like a holiday hostage thriller, which is exactly what the obscure tax shelter co-production KINGS & DESPERATE MEN provides. In fact, the film’s director Alexis Kanner–who had previously co-starred on UK TV show THE PRISONER alongside Patrick McGoohan, who headlines here–later alleged that DIE HARD ripped off his earlier effort. A court of law didn’t agree. Rick Trembles takes a swig of egg nog and checks out this largely forgotten entry for his latest installment of Motion Picture Purgatory. Rick sez:


Rue Morgue TV: SPASMS

The latest Canuxploitation episode on Rue Morgue TV has just dropped. In this episode, I get down in the dirt with Oliver Reed and Peter Fonda to find out how production troubles threatened to sink William Fruet’s 1983 Canadian creature feature SPASMS.


Motion Picture Purgatory: MANIA (1986)

One of the more notable (and undeservedly obscure) horror anthologies made in the Great White North, 1986’s Mania was the brainchild of producer Peter Simpson of Prom Night and Curtains fame. Cobbled together from a four-episode TV series that aired on Canada’s then-new pay TV Superchannel, this anthology still pulls off some surprisingly sleazy antics, and delivers the kinds of chills and shivers that are most appropriate for a late October evening–especially a kidnapping story directed by Cancon terror specialist Paul Lynch (Humongous). In this Halloween edition of Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick looks at the film’s four downbeat tales. Rick sez:



We’re back once again with a new Halloween-appropriate Canuxploitation episode on Rue Morgue TV. This time, I uncover the strange story behind the 1986 SOV documentary(?) SPLATTER: ARCHITECTS OF FEAR and how it traumatized a generation.


Motion Picture Purgatory: LADY OF THE LAKE (1998)

The 1990s were a weird time for horror movies, but even by standards of the era, Maurice Devereaux’s LADY OF THE LAKE stands out as an oddity–m a medieval horror/fantasy/time travel/historical romance shot in Montreal. For this special Halloween edition of Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick looks at the film’s erotic ghost escapades, which was originally released on a Fangoria Magazine video label. Rick sez:

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