Make Some New Friends on June 16 — MON AMI Release Date Announced

One of our best-loved new Canadian films last year was the B.C.-shot pitch black, blood-spattered kidnapping comedy MON AMI, and we even named it our favourite indie feature of 2012 in our annual year-end round-up. Director Rob Grant got in touch with us recently to let us know that a release for the festival hit is imminent. Distributors Cinedigm/New Video currently plan to have the film debut on June 16, 2013 on iTunes (pre-order here) and that a limited run of DVD/Blu-Rays will be up are now up for sale on the film’s website.

If you haven’t hand a chance to check out MON AMI yet, we recommend that you make it a priority. To whet your appetite, here’s a new trailer created especially for the upcoming release:


Motion Picture Purgatory: YETI: GIANT OF THE 20TH CENTURY (1977)

“It’s kinda like the 1976 KING KONG remake but with Bigfoot instead of an ape, and the CN Tower instead of the Empire State Building” was surely the elevator pitch for the weird Toronto-lensed ’70s monster movie YETI: GIANT OF THE 20TH CENTURY, a film that pits the cryptozoological phenomenon against unscrupulous scientists and the confused citizens of Canada’s most populous city. In this Canuxploitation-exclusive edition of Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles looks at the filmed misadventures of Canada’s biggest contribution to Bigfoot cinema and one of Ontario’s hairiest tourists.




Back again with another Canuxploitation-exclusive edition of Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles looks at one of the strangest films from Canada’s 3-D craze. SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE is a tax shelter sci-fi epic from the masters at Cinepix that offers viewers the chance to see Molly Ringwald chew her lip in three fabulous dimensions, among other moderately distracting sights.



Duke Mitchell’s Trailer Trash

Our toques are off to the London, U.K.-based  The Duke Mitchell Film Club for this amazing compilation of trailers, commercials and more crazy Canadian ephemera created for  their recent screening of CURTAINS:

Includes spots for EXPLOSION, TRAPPED, NAKED FLAME, LAST OF THE WARRIORS, HOG WILD and some Emmeritus films too!




Motion Picture Purgatory: HAVE FIGURE WILL TRAVEL (1963)

Nude nautical naughtiness abounds in HAVE FIGURE WILL TRAVEL, Canada’s rarely seen 1963 contribution to the nudist colony film craze of the ’60s. For his latest Canuxploitation-exclusive edition of Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles rides the high seas with the film’s trio of barely clothed Toronto girls who head down to the United States for a little R&R by visiting the local sights, including some of the biggest “nature camps” south of the border!



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