Motion Picture Purgatory: SKULLDUGGERY (1979)

An early entry in Canada’s WTF cannon of weird and wonderful genre films, SKULLDUGGERY was made by Czech-born photographer Ota Richter during a stopover in Canada at the tail end of the 1970s. Borrowing from both the slasher fad and Satanic Panic fears about RPG games that were rampant at the time, Richter crafted this nonsensical and occasionally surreal horror film about the fine line between reality and fantasy. One of the first films to feature Manitoba-born actress and Canuxploitation mainstay Wendy Crewson (THE MARK OF CAIN), the film’s confusing story and off-kilter take on the horror genre has won it a few fans over the years. Now, it’s Rick Trembles‘ turn to roll some D12s on the film for his latest Motion Picture Purgatory. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: THE FLY II (1989)

Aside from the upcoming RABID redo, Cronenberg has proven to be relatively immune to remakes. Unnecessary sequels, on the other hand, have been fair game, from SCANNERS III and SCANNER COP to the subject of Rick Trembles‘ latest Motion Picture Purgatory, THE FLY II. Featuring almost entirely different personnel both behind and in front of the camera, this Vancouver-shot follow up didn’t create quite the same buzz as the original (sorry). Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: American Nightmare (1983)

Perhaps the sleaziest slasher ever filmed in the grimy Toronto streets, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE is a strange tax shelter film from Don McBrearty, who had clearly come along from his roots at the NFB. Rick Trembles is back with another Motion Picture Purgatory that looks at the film’s endless parade of nudity and depravity, involving switchblades, sex blackmail and seedy stripper joints. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: REVENGE OF THE RADIOACTIVE REPORTER (1990)

It’s hard to make heads or tails of the Toronto-shot REVENGE OF THE RADIOACTIVE REPORTER, a rarely seen Canadian horror-comedy about a killer mutant newsman that sits somewhere between DARKMAN and THE TOXIC AVENGER, while not being as notable as either. For his latest Motion Picture Purgatory, Rick Trembles explains why a quick skinny dip in toxic waste may be preferable to a viewing. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: LEFT FOR DEAD (1978)

One of a pair of obscure “ripped-from-the-headlines” tax shelter thrillers by Murray Markowitz, the Toronto-shot LEFT FOR DEAD (aka DROP DEAD DEAREST, aka I MISS YOU HUGS AND KISSES) tackles the real murder of model Christine Demeter, which caused ripples in the late 1970s across Mississauga and in the Ontario Courts. Rick Trembles lays out the suspects in this true whodunnit for his latest Motion Picture Purgatory. Rick sez:


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