Motion Picture Purgatory: THE PARK IS MINE (1985)

Tommy Lee Jones storms central park in the post-‘Nam thriller THE PARK IS MINE, a made-for-cable TV thriller that became an HBO and First Choice staple back in the day. Ultimately, more words fly than bullets under the eye of veteran Canadian director Steven Hilliard Stern, but as Rick Trembles explores in his latest Motion Picture Purgatory, the film’s questionable message seems to champion individual empowerment by violent seizure of public land. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: SKI SCHOOL 2 (1994)

Rick Trembles implores you to untighten your asses with his latest MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY for the post-tax shelter sex comedy SKI SCHOOL 2. A sloppy sequel to the less-than-classic snobs vs. slobs entry, this Dean Cameron vehicle carries on the fine tradition of sex on the slopes comedies that goes all the way back to the softcore Quebec romp APRES SKI.

Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: JUNIOR (1985)

Shot on a lark by Cinepix, Jim Hanley’s JUNIOR still earns a place as a surprisingly effective Canadian backwoods slasher that heaps on the low-budget sleaze. Dominated by the dumber-than-dirt, chainsaw wielding killer Junior, it’s a film full of Molotov cocktail explosions, corrupt cops, pet murder, crucifix attacks and topless motorboating. It’s also the latest film to get the MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY treatment from Rick Trembles.

Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: CURTAINS (1983)

The tax shelters and dumb slasher horror go together like stubbies and snowmobiles, but one of the most curious Canadian entries of the fabled ’80s-era boom tried to elevate the trend with post-modern touches and a distinctly adult tone. Rick Trembles‘ MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY is back with the meta-horror entry CURTAINS, a notoriously troubled horror production that features an impressive level of Canadian talent, including Samantha Eggar, John Vernon, Mauiry Chaykin, Lesleh Donaldson, Lynne Griffin, and an exceptionally creepy doll. Rick sez:



Motion Picture Purgatory: CATHY’S CURSE (1977)

With Quebec’s deep Catholic roots, it’s almost impossible to conceive that there wouldn’t be a French-Canadian twist on The Exorcist made in the tax shelter era. True enough, this edition of MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY by Rick Trembles focuses on the Cinepix-produced CATHY’S CURSE (aka CAUCHEMARES), a half-baked France co-production featuring haunted dolls and maggot-infested food directed by the Marseille-born Eddy Matalon, who went on to make the much better BLACKOUT (1978). Rick sez:


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