Canuxploitation on DVD: Winter 2012 Preview

It’s barely 2012 but already the DVD re-releases of classic Canadian B-films are starting to trickle in, mostly from the usual suspects at Code Red and Scorpion Releasing. Note that list of upcoming and recent DVDs on the sidebar is always maintained and updated with the latest announcements throughout the year.

Release Date: November 15, 2011

Playing catch-up here–VSC snuck this 1971 hockey drama out at the end of 2011 and I didn’t even notice. Starring Art Hindle, it’s a slight variation on Canadian “loser” cinema and certainly worth a watch for hockey movie fans. 

Release Date: December 13, 2011
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An apocalyptic double-feature headlined by Paul Donovan’s east coast supsenser DEF-CON 4. The film was originally released by Anchor Bay way back in 2002, and has long been out of print. This new version pairs the title with the American sci-fi/action cheese fest HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN (from the director of one of the absolute worst films I’ve seen, THE ROLLERBLADE SEVEN). For under $10, there’s little risk in grabbing this one. 


WHISPERS (Scorpion Entertainment)
Release Date: February 21

I haven’t seen (or reviewed) this Dean Koontz adaptation, but it’s reportedly no great shakes. A serial killer thriller tailor made for the video market, this was the fiction feature debut of former NFB journeyman Douglas Jackson, who went on to create middling fare we have covered, including THE PAPERBOY and TWISTS OF TERROR.

MARK OF CAIN / THRILLKILL (Scorpion Releasing)
Release Date: February 21
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Not going to sugarcoat it–these two films are not very good. You might get a kick out of MARK OF CAIN’s moody tale of murderous twins, played by ex-weatherman Robin Ward, in this mildly decent entry from PROM NIGHT 2 director Bruce Pittman. THRILLKILL, which also stars Ward, is pretty lousy though–a hilariously dated and convoluted techno-thriller.


Canuxploitation’s Best of 2011

2011 was a big year for Canadian film. A resurgence of grindhouse-influenced genre film stuck with filmmakers here a little longer than our southern peers, and we’ve seen production booms in areas not usually noted for their output. There were big changes happening here at Canuxploitation.com too, from the July 1 redesign, our appearance at FanTasia, course at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, and the launch of this blog to help explore the culture that continues to spring up around these films. So as we clean up the holiday mess and bring in 2012, let’s take an entirely unscientific  look back at the year that was.




A lot of movies are made in Canada every year but no genre film was as well-made, visible and influential as Jason Eisener’s HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, which caused a sensation in 2011 with its balls-out, gritty homage to 1970s and ’80s trash. From landing the cover of RUE MORGUE to making it on TIFF’s Canadian top 10 list–a feat unheard of for a Canadian exploitation movie–HOBO was everywhere and it’s influence will be felt for years. One has to wonder whether a Genie lies in the film’s future.

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Canuxploitation on DVD: Fall 2011 Preview

With the bottom of the Hollywood barrell well-scraped, 2011 has again been a stellar year for DVD re-releases of classic Canadian B-films–ALIEN THUNDER, DOGPOUND SHUFFLETHINGS and, finally, the long awaited RITUALS. But there’s still a handful of great releases planned this year, mostly from Code Red and Scorpion Releasing, who have dug deep to come up with some nice Canadian B-film gems. Here’s the first in a new regular series of columns highlighting upcoming DVD releases that you might want to add to your canuxploitation collection. Note that list of upcoming and recent DVDs on the sidebar is always maintained and updated with the latest announcements throughout the year. 

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