Motion Picture Purgatory: THE TOWER (1985)

Happy new year–or is it? The future can be a scary place as Rick Trembles learns as he kicks off the first Motion Picture Purgatory of 2019 with a look back at the futuristic no-budget ’80s techno-thriller THE TOWER. Look out Siri and Alexa, because here comes “Lola,” a disembodied digital female personality whose job running the complicated systems of an office tower is interrupted by fits of jealousy related to her nerdy Canadian creator! Long considered the best (or at least, most entertaining) of Emmeritus’ Hamilton-shot SOV movies, THE TOWER is a nice ’80s time capsule before this technology became commonplace. Sure, THE TOWER may feature non-Union actors struggling through a Twilight Zone-like script, but it’s still considerably more engaging than many other Emmeritus releases of the time, and director Jim Makichuk of GHOSTKEEPER fame seems to be having some fun with it. Rick sez: