Motion Picture Purgatory: SCANNER COP (1994)

If we were to ask you to identify Canada’s longest-running genre franchise, answers would likely touch on the surprising longevity of series like PROM NIGHT, TIGER CLAWS or even MEATBALLS, but the crown actually belongs to SCANNERS, the horror/sci-fi hybrid helmed by favourite son David Cronenberg. Since the rights stayed with producer Pierre David, Cronenberg wasn’t involved in the sequels to his memorable original work, which allowed the franchise to spin off into all kinds of strange directions, as noted in this month’s column by Rick Trembles‘ latest Motion Picture Purgatory. After SCANNERS II and SCANNERS III hit video store shelves, the idea was spun off into 1994’s SCANNER COP, which also spawned a sequel (that’s four in total, if you’re counting). Perhaps the best of these sequels, SCANNER COP has more splattery FX than previous entries as it lurches towards the inevitable psychic showdown. Rick sez: