Motion Picture Purgatory: APRES-SKI (1971)

We’re back with another Canuxploitation-exclusive edition of Motion Picture Purgatory. This time Rick Trembles gets his skis shined up and grabs a cup of gratuitous bare flesh for a personal look at Cinepix’s naughty winter comedy APRES SKI (1971). This cornerstone of the Quebecois “maple syrup porn” era features a ¬†fun soundtrack and lots of the eyebrow-raising humour that helped define the era before tax shelter cinema really took hold.


  1. […] Rick Trembles implores you to untighten your asses with his latest MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY for the post-tax shelter sex comedy SKI SCHOOL 2. A sloppy sequel to the less-than-classic snobs vs. slobs entry, this Dean Cameron vehicle carries on the fine tradition of sex on the slopes comedies that goes all the way back to the softcore Quebec romp APRES SKI. […]