CanHorror Linked to Recent Murder: All Aboard for Specious Reasoning

There’s a new, bizarre Canadian horror movie twist in the case of accused Montreal-based killer Luka Magnotta. Apparently, Magnotta was friendly with neighbour Derek MacKinnon, the actor who formerly played Kenny in TERROR TRAIN. Now MacKinnon is being quoted in the media as speculating whether TERROR TRAIN influenced the grisly crimes. Because, they’re like, totally the same.

“(My character) killed 11 people, my appearance was always changing and I dismembered a victim,” MacKinnon said of his character in the film, shot in Montreal 32 years ago.

“The similarity is pretty significant.”

Um, what? See the rest of the article.

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  1. Brent says:

    My goodness, doesn’t someone think a lot of himself. (Hey – Magnotta did too. GASP! ANOTHER LINK!!!)

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