Holiday DVD Giveaway: We Want Your CanFilm Five

GIVEAWAY TIME! Since we launched the Canuxploitation blog in July, we’ve posted more than a dozen top 5 lists by filmmakers, writers, programmers cult film know-it-alls and all around cool people. But now here’s your chance to let other Canadian film fans know your personalized picks and score some awesome DVD prizes while you’re at it! 

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Canuxploitation’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2

It’s a problem that has plagued holiday shoppers since the very beginning of time–what to get that fickle Canadian cult film fan on your list this holiday season? With only 26 more shopping days until Christmas (and even less until Hanukkah), Canuxploitation is once again here to help you come up with ideas. With Part 1’s CDs, DVDs and stocking stuffers behind us, this time out we’re looking at posters and other items for the home. Next week it’s clothing and big ticket items. So pour yourself a little holiday cheer and enjoy the real reason for the season: mindless, revenous consumerism!

Thanks to Canuxploitation contributors Lauren Oostveen and Allan Mott for their help compiling this guide.


Created by The Dude Designs, this poster for recent indie horror comedy comes autographed by the filmmakers. [UPDATE: and the ranger himself!]

You can’t go wrong with RUE MORGUE designer/artist Justin Erickson’s brilliantly illustrated poster re-do for David Cronenberg’s RABID.

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Catching Up With the Restricted Cougar

We thought he was a goner, but he just couldn’t stay away. The “restricted cougar” logo, first introduced in the 1960s by the B.C. Film Classification Board to denote R-rated films, will be prowling back on to West coast screens soon. Beloved by Canadian exploitation fans for its iconic, simple design that served as a promise of lurid sex and violence to come, the cougar appeared in several animated bumpers (such as the one below) that played in theatres and became a cult figure of its own, even recently popping up in Tarantino and Rodriguez’s GRINDHOUSE collaboration.

Largely killed in 1997 due to a standardized “18A” rating system, the cat’s comeback is being engineered by Consumer Protection BC, the group that rates films in BC and Saskatchewan. To help the public get reacquainted with this sleazy symbol of our cultural heritage, they have created an interactive timeline and a YouTube channel that collects the cougar’s animated shorts.


Canuxploitation’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

It’s a problem that has plagued holiday shoppers since the very beginning of time–what to get that fickle Canadian cult film fan on your list this holiday season? With only 33 more shopping days until Christmas (and even less until Hanukkah), Canuxploitation is here to help. We’ve dug deep into the dingiest corners of the internet to come up with a whole macramé stocking full of ideas to keep your holiday bright and your Christmas considerably less Black. As our guide threatened to burst with so much good cheer, we were forced to break it up into three separate instalments. This time out, we’re looking at stocking stuffers, CDs (people still buy those?) and DVDs. Next week it’s items for the home, and the following week spotlights clothing and big ticket items. Thanks to Canuxploitation contributors Lauren Oostveen and Allan Mott for their help compiling this guide.



ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS keychain – $3

Give the gift that will creep out your friend’s family, co-workers or anyone else who spots this plastic-enclosed ode to sexploitation dangling from their car ignition. Also makes for a very awkward Hanukkah gift.

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Canuxploitation Class – Echoes From the Sleep Room

Next weekend I’ll be taking Canuxploitation on the road to Montreal for something a little bit different–I’m going to be offering a class as part of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies at Blue Sunshine.

My topic is “Echoes from the Sleep Room: Medical Terror in Canadian Horror Cinema” and I’ll be discussing Canada’s dark history of human experimentation and how this theme has manifested in our films over the last 50 years. I’m going to be showing clips from Canadian horror movies both well known and obscure, including a screening of Jean Claude-Lord’s MINDFIELD in its entirety.

Here’s a trailer for the event, which takes place November 19 + 20th:

If you’re in town, come check it out!

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