CanFilm Five: Rob Cotterill

“CanFilm Five” is the Canuxploitation blog’s ongoing guest column, which brings together prominent filmmakers, bloggers, critics and programmers to discuss their most loved offbeat Canadian films.

For our very first edition of CanFilm Five, we asked Rob Cotterill, the producer of TREEVENGE and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (which hits DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, July 5!) to pick his five favourite Canadian films. Well, six actually–he had to sneak one extra at the end!

1.  The works of David Cronenberg — I grew up on David Cronenberg’s films and love cinema because of this man, so this spot goes more to all his works than any one film, but in particular I love THE BROOD, VIDEODROME, SHIVERS, RABID, DEAD RINGERS.

2. SIEGE – Amazing,  low budget, exploitation film shot on the streets of Halifax. The Donovan Brothers’ first film is a time capsule with a great story that is similar to ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, but it’s more heady, dire and ultimately better.

3. CLASS OF 1984 – I love everything about this movie, we would watch it over and over when I was a kid. It’s a true red and white punk rock action film and even stars Al Waxman and Michael J. Fox, in what I believe is his first feature film. This film was a huge inspiration for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

4. The works of Bob Clark–The great Canadian filmmaker of  BLACK CHRISTMAS, A CHRISTMAS STORY and PORKY’S. Doubt I need to say much more, except that the amazing killer POV shots were a huge inspiration to us for our Tree POV shots in TREEVENGE.

5.  THE VIKING (1931) — This is one fucking crazy film, it almost feels like a B&W version of Human Planet. The harrowing, life-risking cinematography of real seal hunters running on the shifting ice fields is mind blowing. 27 people lost their lives making this film–the highest fatality count ever on a feature film production!


6. MY BLOODY VALENTINE — Yes I have to add #6 (and could add a shitload of others). Arguably the best ’80s slasher ever was made here at home in good ol’ Nova Scotia. I hope we have done the East Coast proud with continuing on in the genre that birthed the film industry in Atlantic Canada.

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  1. Brad Mills says:

    Nice choices Rob, you’ve given me a bunch to add to the watch list! My Bloody Valentine holds a special place in my heart – my grandfather was in that film. Wikipedia has a funny story about how the producers picked the location in Cape Breton because of the run down mines … then to impress the filmmakers, the town spent a shitload of money restoring the town, and the filmmakers had to spend like 50k to make the mine look run down again.

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